Welcome to my portfolio website! As a seasoned UX Designer with a strong foundation in graphic design and branding, I bring a unique perspective to the realm of crafting intuitive digital interfaces, enriched by my background in healthcare

My design philosophy centers on collaboration, empathy,
and adaptability, with a focus on positive user experiences. Embracing change and co-creation drives continuous improvement and innovation. I believe in the power of embracing change and the magic that happens when we
co-create. Together, we can create experiences that are not only user-friendly but also meaningful.

So if you're looking for a UX Designer who is passionate about creating intuitive interfaces and enhancing user experiences, let's work together to build something great!


What I believe in

01 Co-Creation,
let's build together

In UX design, co-creation engages all stakeholders and users for user-centered ideas.

I unite everyone as a facilitator, prioritizing inclusivity and making co-creation a core UX principle, enhancing experiences through collaboration and iteration.

02 Celebrating Diversity

I embrace diversity in tools, people, processes, and mediums, fostering empathy, creativity, and innovation, resulting in inclusive digital products.

Let's prioritize diversity as a central UX principle for respectful, user-centric experiences.

03 User experience first, tools second

As a UX designer, my priority is empathy and problem-solving over tools or software. I focus on creating intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable digital products and services. Tools are helpful but secondary.

The user experience should be at the forefront of our design process, and our tools will align.

04 Embrace Change
for Better Systems

Change is an opportunity to create better systems. As UX designers, we must prioritize user-centeredness during transitions. Listening to user feedback, anticipating challenges, and providing the necessary support is essential for a successful transition.

Embracing change is a catalyst for progress and empowers users to achieve their goals.

05 Setting the tone

Every decision we make matters, from language to interactions. Setting clear intentions, choosing user-centric language, and designing engaging interactions create digital products and services that delight users.

Prioritizing intention, language, and frequency leads to UX success.

06 Actions speak louder
than words

To design the best UX, focus on user behavior, not just their words. Self-reported claims and speculations about the future can be unreliable. Observing and analyzing user behavior reveals insights words cannot.

Prioritizing user behavior helps us design digital products and services that truly resonate. Designing for actions, not just words, creates meaningful user experiences.

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou, American poet

Cher van Tol — UX Designer with
a multidisciplinary background

Based in The Hague
E.  hello@chervantol.nl

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